“On ne conçoit pas plus une maison sans lampe qu'une lampe sans maison.” Gaston Bachelard        “If you cannot be a star in the sky; at least try and be a lamp in your own home .” Arab proverb     “I am a night-lamp, privy to the pleasures of the couch; do whatever you please, I shall be silent.” Martial      “Life without joy is like a lamp without oil.” Sir Walter Scott

The complete catalogue of Roman lamps found at Vindobona is online!

A magistral work offered to all scholars by Stadtarchälogie Wien, perfectly suit to an easy online reading as well as research-performing among more than 750 lamps.

To access this impressive opus, go to the Institution’s dedicated main page here:

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15.11 2019 ILA’s 6th Round-Table  was a success!

(Mold-made Lamps beyond Ephesos)

See details and the preliminary programme here : 



16-17.05 2019 Izmir Symposium was a success!

(Ancient terracotta lamps, from Anatolia and the easternMediterranean to Dacia, the Black Sea and beyond.Comparative lychnological studies in the Eastern parts of the Roman Empire and peripheral areas).

 See the congress page and
the complete graphic designed ILA’s pre-acts 


New books! Click on cover to access the editors’ pages!

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