Lampes antiques du Bilad es Sham. Jordanie, Syrie, Liban, Palestine.

D. Frangié, J.-F. Salles (eds)

Lampes antiques du Bilad es Sham. Jordanie, Syrie, Liban, Palestine.

Ancient lamps of Bilad es Sham.

Actes du colloque de Pétra-Amman (6-13 novembre 2005), Paris 2011

Pages : 435, numerous ill.
Editor : De Boccard(http://www.
ISSN: 1157-3872
ISBN13: 9782701802947


Al-Khraysheh, F. : Welcoming address, 1-2

Etienne, R. : De lychnis, vingt ans après, 3-4

Salles, J.-F. : Avant-Propos, 5-9

Grawehr, M.: The Roman lamps of Nabataean Petra, 11-30

Holmqvist, V.E.: Ceramic lamps from JabalHarûn near Petra. Chronological and typological considerations, 31-41

Durand, C.: Les lampesnabatéennes et romaines de Khirbet Edh-Dharih (Jordanie) Ier – IVe s. ap. J.-C., 43-73

Barrett, D.G.: The lamps at Khirbet et-Tannur, 75-102

Garnier, N. ; Tokarski, C. ; Rolando, C. : Quel combustible pour quelle lampe ? Apport des analyses chimiques organiques par chromatographie et spectrométrie de masse, 103-126

Kehrberg, I.: The complexity of ancient lamps. Archaeological contexts, material assemblages and the chronology of lamp types, 127-147

Abu Shamais, A.I.: A new collection of unpublished lamps candelsticks Amman archaeological district, 149-156

Mansour, S.: Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine lamps from the lower terrace of Amman citadel, 157-166

Zayadine, F.: Hellenistic pottery from the estate of the Tobiads, 167-181

Mlynarczyk, J.: The fading lights of a church…,183-195

Mlynarczyk, J.: Umayyad-period terracotta lamps from Hippos (Susita), Jund al Urdunn, 197-211

Lorand, D.: Lampesetmoules en terrecuited’Apamée de Syrie. Premiersrésultats de la campagne 2005, 213-237

Charaf, H.: Overview of the Bronze Age and Iron Age lamps from Lebanon, 241-258

Frangié, D.; Salles, J.F.: Lampes de Byblos, 259-302

Frangié, D.: Les lampeshellénistiques de Beyrouth (chantiers 002/026), 303-335

AlaEddine, A.;Awarkeh, R.: Two types of Byzantine lamps from site BEY 004, 337-356

Waliszewski, T.: Lamp-mould from Jiyeh (southern Lebanon). A variant of ovoid lamps in the Byzantine period and early Islamic Levant, 357-384

Laflı, E.: Five early imperial lamps from the Museum of Tarsus in Cilicia (southeastern Turkey), 387-398.

Zhuravlev, D.: Syro-Palestinian clay lamps and their imitations of Roman and Byzantine periods from ChersonesosTaurica, 399-429

Falahat, H.A.: The market of fake lamps in the XXIst century, Near East, 419-429

Frangié, D.: Conclusions, 431-435

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