Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of Mediterranean Antiquities, Vol. 2, The Terracotta Collection

Eléni P. Zoïtopoúlou, Beaudoin Caron, Annick Deblois

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of Mediterranean Antiquities, Vol. 2,  The Terracotta Collection / Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, La collection des antiquités méditerranéennes, Vol. 2, La collection des objets en terre cuite

(Monumenta Graeca et Romana, 15)

Leiden / New York 2010
Lamps studied : 44
Pages : 136, numerous ill.
Editor : Brill (
ISSN: 0169-8850
ISBN13: 9789004183063


• Foreword – Avant-propos
• Introduction
• Bibliography and abbreviations – Bibliographie et abréviations
• Catalogue
Lamps / Lampes (nos. 1-42)
Saucer-lamps / Lampes à coupelle (nos. 1-7)
Wheel-made lamps / Lampes tournées (nos. 8-10)
Mouldedlamps / Lampes moulées (nos. 11-34)
Arabwheel-made lamps / Lampes tournées arabes (nos. 35-36)
Mouldedarablamp / Lampe arabe moulée (no. 37)
Arabwheel-turnedlamps / Lampes arabes tournées (nos. 38-42)
Statues / Statuettes (nos. 1-21)
5. Miscellaneousobjects / Objets diverses (no. 1)
6. Concordance


This catalogue raisonné describes the lamps and statuettes in terracotta of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, to which are added two lamps made of bronze. The collection, small but eclectic, has mostly been assembled in recent years and represents a wide variety of types in these two categories. After an introduction discussing the techniques involved in the production of these objects, the catalogue properpresents 44 lamps, 21 figurines and a single arulawith full illustration. This catalogue makes the collection available to a wide readership: students, curators, archaeologists, art historians, collectors and everybody with serious interest in the material culture of the ancient world.
This is the second volume of a series intended to make public the different parts of the museum’s collection of Mediterranean antiquities.